Wizard Zines

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I'm working on a series of collaborations with tech zine writer Julia Evans that embodies how technology can be fun and accessible for everyone!

Note: This page is an active work in progress.

A shiny new e-commerce website! 📚#

a screenshot of the wizrd zines homepage showing a header and 3 books

I built a modern library of magic where books fly off the shelves and knowledge is just a few clicks away. Check it out at wizardzines.com!

(Hover these books below for a demo!)

Cover for Bite Size Command Line!
Cover for How Containers Work!

Heck Yes! CSS! Zine 📘 #

I was also a technical reviewer on a zine that explains the concepts of CSS.

Cover for Heck Yes! CSS!

Heck Yes! CSS!

If you feel like CSS is weird, you’re not wrong! This zine is here to help you get a grasp on the basics of CSS!

get the zine

A fresh take on flashcards! 🎴 #

I redesigned the Wizard Zines: Questions website, a fresh take on flashcards for learning new technical concepts.

Mysteries 🔎 #

I'm working on more fun interactive experiments to help people more easily learn technical concepts, coming soon! 👀