Welcome to my brand new website! I'm still in the process of writing content for this page!

I organize the NYC and online branch of a javascript meetup for the LGBTQ community!

QueerJS on the Internet 🔌 #

I hosted an online meetup in the age of COVID-19!

Making it Special ✨ #

The month is March 2020 2021 and online event fatigue is very much a very real thing. I really had to crank up the magical vibes to 11 for this one, and here’s how I did it:

  1. be extra gay
  2. put on a witch hat
  3. make magic happen
  4. thank your speakers!!!

Thank yo’ speakers 💖 #

Seriously. Go to Walgreens and print out a bunch of thank you cards. And pamper them with all the stickers, even if it means having to attach a few extra stamps for the extra weight. A tiny gesture like this goes a long way in trying times like these.

(Side note: the USPS lost all my speaker cards, and I am salty because I had to send them out again 😭)

QueerJS NYC 🗽 #

I helped bring QueerJS to America by organizing the very first meetup in New York City!

USA! USA! USA!! 🇺🇸 #

With the help of Tierney from Microsoft and Shy from Contentful, we hosted the very first QueerJS in America. (We were hoping to organize a QueerJS a few times a year, and make ever meetup better than the last, but then the pandemic happened.) 😢

This event was hosted on the same day as QueerJS San Francisco, and it was a partay!

Chipotle Catering 🌯 #

We did not collect dietary info beforehand, but the chipotle customize-your-own chip spread is great for accommodating a wide variety of dietary restrictions.

Lessons Learned 💡 #

I learned a few valuable lessons about running a meetup along the way, and while not everything exactly go as planned I think it still went well! If you’re organizing a meetup, don’t make the same mistakes I did:

  • people aren't really gonna show up to saturday meetups
  • no one stayed afterwards for the watch party w/ QueerJS San Francisco which happened after QueerJS NYC, because understandably, it was a Saturday night
  • i did not request the space with enough time beforehand to get A/V fully working

Other Meetups 🌮 #

Before QueerJS, I was involved with TacoJS, Reactadelphia, and LibertyJS in Philadelphia!