Everfree Northwest


I've been involved with web development & brand design for Seattle's My Little Pony convention since 2015! This family-friendly event brings together fans of the My Little Pony franchise from around the world to share their passion for ponies, featuring show VIPs, hundreds of events, concerts, an artist alley, and more.

A desktop and mobile screenshot of everfreenw.com!

An Art Collaboration 🎨 #

I collaborated with artists around the world from Everfree Northwest design team! Despite the timezone differences, I worked with illustrators to create art that both compliments content on the site and adaptable for other mediums (like print and television!) The flexibility of web development allows some rather creative adaptations of art - from individually animated layers to uniquely positioned characters. These details plugged into the site layout, which sped up the development process.

We let visuals tell the tale, with accessible alt-text available for people unable to see or interpret visuals.

Guests page! Buy a badge page! A background of 3 sea ponies! A how to get here page!

Easy to Navigate 🖖 #

Large event websites tend to continuously evolve with tons of content being added as the event draws closer. Trying to keep up with guest announcements, policy changes, application forms, ticket sales, and more can easily become overwhelming without a system to manage it.

The overall goal of this website is to make it easy to navigate by simplifying content. Unlike most event websites, we simplified our content to 6 simple categories and into as few pages as possible.

Navigation bar

Heavy on art, Light on data 📱 #

We paid big attention to how this site feels from mobile devices to the largest displays on the market. Despite the heavy use of high-resolution art, we optimized the site for a buttery smooth and data-light experience. By taking advantage of new features in HTML5, such as the picture tag, we are able to display art in a resolution apporpriate for each device. This resulted in massive data savings across the board, depending on the device used:

10.1 MB
4000px 4K

5.4 MB
1920px HD

3.1 MB
1600px Laptop

2.4 MB
1200px Tablet

0.9 MB
960px Mobile

The site is also extremely light on animations, so we were able to achieve full 60fps scrolling on supported devices that we tested the site on (such as the iPad Pro!)

Continous Support 🌆 #

I've stayed onboard to help with defining the brand for Everfree Northwest every year, here's the 2020 2021 theme, a modern take on the classic vapourwave asthetic!

(Images 1-2 are from the original style guide I designed. Images 3-4 were created by event staff based on the style guide. Additional art by Dawnf1re and Imdrunontea.)

Guests page! Buy a badge page! A background of 3 sea ponies! A how to get here page!

If you want to learn more about Everfree Northwest, check out https://everfreenw.com/!