As a creative director for a DevOps conference that takes place in Animal Crossing!, I worked on crafting a unique online event experience! I handled all the creative tasks that goes into putting together an event like this, including graphic design, motion graphics, physical (and digital) swag, and coding custom web-based interactive overlays. 🍃

Limited edition swag! Join us April 30th for a day of DevOps Talks in Animal Crossing! Speaker card! Deserted Island DevOps talk lineup!

Overlays & Motion Graphics 🌊 #

I lovingly created some motion graphics that replicates a lot of the living, breathing interfaces found in Animal Crossing, of Animal Crossing.

From Start to Finish 🏁 #

All of these graphics ~ from the logo to the patterns to everything in between ~ were created from scratch! For example, here was the process (and references) used in creating the two icons for the event and twitch channel:

a screenshot of a bunch of leaves

a screenshot of drafts and references to a deserted island tv logo

Here's what the final icons look like:

An icon of a green leaf with nodes An icon of a cartoonish smiling TV with a blue screen containing white text that reads DI

Accessibility in Online Events 💚 #

An image description template came each of the social media cards:

a screenshot social media cards with alt text

I also worked on a experimental webpage / twitch extension that mirrors the on-stream text in an accessible format that's selectable and readable to screen readers. (This also means you can click twitter links in the talks!) I plan to expand on this in other online events as well.

Bonus: Stream Deck integration! 🕹️ #

This was a side project that was not officially part of Deserted Island DevOps, but I reversed engineered the Nintendo Online APIs and got in-game reactions working thru my Stream Deck! (A blog post on how I pulled this off is in the works!)