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I'm working with Bay Area Rapid Transit ( on developing creative new ways to engage a regional public service with a generation of young people (<25) in a world that's changing faster than ever.

Tik, Tok, it's #BARTtok! 🕰️ #

I am working on a TikTok strategy that directly targets the under 25 demographic, a new audience that BART has struggled to reach in the past. So far, it's effective: in just 3 months, @SFBART became the largest local US transit agency TikTok account in engagements (ahead of New York City's MTA!)

Some out of context screenshots of TikTok videos I produced for BART!

I am actively involved in handling the start-to-finish production of many of their TikToks (including drafting, filming, editing), then provide videos for communications professionals to post and manage. Additionally, I also help assist the production of videos created by others at BART. These videos build top of my on top of my prior experience as a TikTok content creator, in addition to considering the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with creating content for a government.

We're still in the early stages of this project, but you can check out the videos as they go live on @sfbart's TikTok page! 👇

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Embedded TikTok from @sfbart:

😤😤😤 sorry if this ever happened to you, we’ve been here before #sfbart #barttok #bayarea #numtot #trains

♬ sonido original - Miguel Villacres Bello
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Baghhhh s’il vout plaît 🇫🇷 ##bayareatransit ##barttok ##numtot ##iledefrance ##sncf ##ratp ##googletranslate ##francecheck ##bayarea ##fyp

♬ original sound - SFBART

The most rewarding part of this (so far) is building out the TikTok to the point where other people are making TikToks about BART. Here are some of my faves:

@traingirlsummer Did you know that Bart can go up to 70 mph? @sfbart #sanfrancisco #BART #transit #germs #iykyk #transit #bayarea Love y’all 💞" href="">♬ So Many ppl have use this sound omg - 💞Love y’all 💞
@kanauru Commuting with Millie Parfait ( collab with roamingtuna ) #millieparfait #nijisanji #nijisanji_en ♬ original sound - kanauru

This is the tip of the iceberg! 🧊 #

We're working on more thoughtful and intentional ways to engage young people, with the eventual goal of creating trust, opportunities, and a platform for bay area youth with the limited resources we have.

Stay tuned, more is in the works for this summer! 🚆👄👾⛏️🧋🌟