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I'm Bay Area Rapid Transit's first ever Youth Engagement Specialist, and I'm working on developing creative new ways to better connect a regional public service with the youth & young adults (<25) it serves.

Keeping it Real. 🚆 #

Working with an entire generation that's more online than ever, with a different set of expectations and lived experiences, requires adapting to change — even if that means trying and piloting new things!

Most of what I do combines my creative, technical, and community skills to directly:

  • Produce original, fun, educational content for short and live video platforms!
  • Organize events that bring in youth transit enthusiasts to allow their voices to be heard!
  • Design graphics that organize information into an easy-to-understand format!
  • Create engaging animations and a digital-first mascot communications strategy!
  • Explore potential options for youth engagement, develop plans and proposals, and perform work necessary to implement first steps!

Hello, #BARTTok! 🕰️ #

One of the first things I worked on was a TikTok strategy that directly targeted the Gen Z demographic, a new audience BART has struggled to reach in the past. After just 3 months of creating fun and educational content, @SFBART has grown to become the largest local US transit agency TikTok account in engagements (views/likes!)

Some out of context screenshots of TikTok videos I produced for BART!

I am involved in strategy & video production for many of their videos published to TikTok & YouTube Shorts; in addition to the development of augmented reality (AR) TikTok Effects. The most rewarding part of this is building out the TikTok to the point where others are sharing how BART plays a role in their life.

We're just getting started, but you can check out new videos & effects as they go live on @SFBART's TikTok page! 👇

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This is the tip of the iceberg! 🧊 #

I'm actively working on developing even more thoughtful and intentional ways to engage Bay Area youth, with the goals of:

  • growing awareness
  • building trust in public institutions
  • creating new opportunities
  • including youth in decision making processes

Please stay tuned! 🙇‍♀️

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