new decade, new website!

letter no. 1 ~ sent


welcome to my new website! i'm still setting things up at the moment, so the site is a bit barebones. over the next week, i plan to proritize these two things:

  • ✏️ getting the content done!
  • ♿ accessibility improvements!

i'll the be spending the rest of the summer polishing things up, including:

  • 🏠️ redoing my homepage layout!
  • 🎠 getting animations working, including:
    • animated tiles!
    • a pettable train!
    • fun interactive demos!
  • 🚀 launching a new blog for technical content!
  • 💭 other easter eggs!

you can find my old website at! and as always, i've set up redirects for links to older projects (like /lofi-npm).

with love and sparkles,

-melody ✨